CMC began venture investing in 2017 with investments in Docker, Uber, Bitly, and Optimizely. We’ve since narrowed our investment thesis to focus on Proptech that’s accretive to our real estate investment life cycle.

We only deploy Proptech products and services in our real estate projects if they pass our rigorous vetting process. And if the products perform well and we resonate with the founding team, we consider investing in the companies. By taking a user-first approach to Proptech investment, we believe we’ll achieve a much higher win rate than a pure venture capital firm.

Currently we are offering advisory services to early stage proptech founders, but are actively cultivating relationships with founders of all stages as we prepare to launch a full Proptech fund by 2023.

If you’re a founder interested in working with us, fill out our contact form with your product pitch in under 100 words.

Target Proptech Segments


Zoning & Regulatory Analysis, Drone Inspections, Real Estate Fintech, Smart Contracts, AI Assisted Design, Cost Estimation, Procurement


3D Printing, Modular Construction, Exosuits, Robotics, Project & Workforce Tracking, VR, 3D Mapping, Sustainable Materials, Clean Energy

Property Management

Home Automation, Security, Storage, Maintenance Sensors, VR Tours, Brokerage, Security Deposit & Rent Insurance, Tenant Screening

Portfolio Companies