Founded in 2014, Clear Mountain Capital is an investment management firm specialized in real estate and property technology investments in the U.S.

About Us

Our mission focuses on long-term value creation and wealth preservation through real estate, with a commitment to drive outperformance through the application of technology and finance.

Through our culture of integrity, transparency, and flexibility, we provide domestic and international investors with a personalized approach that aligns to their investment needs in an ever-changing market environment

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Our opportunistic strategy pursues development and asset repositioning opportunities supported by supply/demand inefficiencies at the micro-market level. This strategy capitalizes on investments located in areas featuring idiosyncratic characteristics that provide insulation from broader market trends, providing our investors with an asymmetric risk/return profile.

Asset Types: Multifamily, Student Housing


Our Value-add/Distressed strategy focuses on asset rehabilitation and tenant repositioning real estate opportunities in New York City created by temporary market dislocation or asset price corrections arising from regulatory change.

Asset Types: Mixed-use, Multifamily, Retail, Lodging

Late Stage Venture Capital

Our late-stage venture capital strategy selectively focuses on industry-leading technology companies with an established revenue stream and a demonstrated path to exit. Invested capital is typically used for implementation of services across additional markets or for further market penetration into their respective industries. This strategy seeks to provide our investors with opportunities to participate in the potential for near-term exit at a pre-exit valuation.


With the real estate industry ripe for technological disruption, our proptech strategy seeks to invest in early to mid-stage technology companies with the potential to change the way we think about real assets. Capitalizing on our in-house real estate investment and development expertise, we can identify platforms that would have the greatest impact in streamlining the real estate process – from design and diligence through construction management and sales