CMC Proptech is the venture capital subsidiary of Clear Mountain Capital, a real estate private equity firm based in New York City.

Our approach to Proptech is to identify platforms that disrupt the way we manage our real estate investment and development processes, from acquisitions and underwriting, to construction management and leasing. We target early-stage companies and typically participate in their pilot programs or use their technology as an early user/adopter.

For certain investments, we also serve as a strategic partner or advisor by providing access to real assets in our portfolio as a sandbox for new platforms

Investment focus

Construction Technology

Smart Real Estate

Real Estate Fintech

Representative Transactions


Our late-stage venture capital strategy selectively focuses on industry-leading technology companies with an established revenue stream and a demonstrated path to exit. Invested capital is typically used for implementation of services across additional markets or for further market penetration into their respective industries. This strategy seeks to provide our investors with opportunities to participate in the potential for rapid growth at a pre-exit valuation.

Representative Transactions