Opportunistic & Value-Add

Our opportunistic and value-add strategy pursues development and asset repositioning opportunities supported by supply/demand inefficiencies at the micro-market level. This strategy capitalizes on investments located in areas featuring idiosyncratic characteristics that provide insulation from broader market trends, providing our investors with an asymmetric risk/return profile. 


targeted ASSET Types

  • Mixed-use residential 
  • Off-campus student housing
  • Adaptive reuse for residential & commercial


targeted ANNUAL returns

  • Ground-up Developments: 25-30%
  • Value-Add Opportunities: 20-25%


Our Core-Plus strategy seeks to aggregate a portfolio of cash-flowing rental properties at an attractive cost basis to generate stable yields on invested capital. With assets located in Tier 1 cities, this strategy provides our investors with near-term cash flow, wealth preservation capabilities and protection against inflation and asset price volatility.


targeted asset types

  • Residential multi-family 
  • Select multi-tenant commercial office



  • Annual net cash flow yield of 7-10%
  • Potential for annual asset price appreciation of 3-5%